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Thank you!


© Lind

The Kulturverein Forum Spittelberg thanks all participants for their engagement and for the great assortment, which makes the Spittelberg Christmas Market a special christmas market.

This very broad and manifold assortment is an important factor of the Spittelberg market's success.

There will be many interesting things to discover and creative presents to find this year again.

There's not one stall like the other and with the help of all the dedicated market stall operators it will hopefully stay this way.


© Diamant

If you are thinking about running a market stall your own, you can apply for one on our registration page. We are looking forward to attractive new products to enrich the market's assortment, nice ideas for gifts always have a big chance of being accepted.

Here you find the registration sheet, Informations about registration and all fees.

The deadline for registration is June 30, 2018.

The sought after stall lots will be passed out in best conscience in the beginning of August.