This years Christmas Market will take place from 14th of November till 23rd of December 2019.

We are opening for the season on 14th November at 14 pm!

Opening Hours:

MON - THU 14:00 - 21:00 Uhr
FRI 14:00 - 21:30 Uhr
SAT 10:00 - 21:30 Uhr
SUN & HOL 10:00 - 21:00 Uhr

We will be delighted to see you there!


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Stadt Wien

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Registration for participating Christmas Market at Spittelberg 2019

Nov. 14th - dec. 23th 2019

The Kulturverein Forum Spittelberg intends to organize the Spittelberg christmas market again. This year's market area will be defined same like last year.

1. Deadline for registration is June 30th 2019.

2. The available lots for the stalls will be given out as soon as we recieved the map. No reservations accepted after deadline.

3. Approximately 3 weeks after the deadline we will send the contracts to you. The contracts were geared on contracts of the City Vienna dealing with events on the Rathausplatz. We will countersign the contracts as soon as the participation fees arrived on our account. You will receive a pay-in slip together with your contract.
Please make sure that we receive the signed contract and the payment by September 6th. 2019. After we countersigned your contract (in compliance with all conditions it will be sent right back to you) your stall lot will be waiting for you.

4. The contracts state, that all your specifications are binding, especially those regarding your energy consumption. We used to have problems in the past years with market stall operators consuming more energy than stated (by using additional heating, lighting, etc.), what led to unpleasant blackouts. Since this also effects innocent participators, it is unacceptable.

5. We will plot and mark the stall lots on location. This necessitates accurate data of your stall's dimensions (exterior measurements), where the door will be located on the stall and by how much the roof overhangs the stall. This data given by you is binding and cannot be changed after you received your determined stall lot.

6. We particularly attach importance to the products you wish to offer for sale. A list of your products stands both for the basis for acceptance or refusal of your participation and for an integrated part of the contract. Products that were not explicitly taken note of and approved by us are not allowed to be sold on the market. In order to distinguish products from your own production from purchased finished / semi-finished products, we need a clear declaration from your side. Since your products will be controlled at the location, please note, that false specifications can result in a termination of the contract.

7. By signing the contract you bindingly accept, that as a participant of the christmas market you must own a trading licence or an according tax number and show up the required documents at a possible control by the responsible authorities.

8. You will receive exact information about the standard conforming equipment of your market stall (particularly about the electrical system). If you fail to abide to these, we are forced you to charge you with possible additional fees.

9. Please note that the operation of Audio devices (CD Players, Radios,etc.) is invariably prohibited by the authorities due to complaints in the past.

10. Please note that no participator has the right to pass on the usage of the market stall and the vending to a third party, whether in return for payment or for free (partial or complete transfer). The stall must be operated solely by the participating company and contract partner, at his own risk. Exceptions from this are subject to explicit approval by the organiser.

12. We would be glad if you would contribute to our efforts to further improve the market's ambience in the area of the vending stalls through an optically pleasing decoration concept.
Of course, we will furhter do our best to properly advertise the christmas market, to create a pleasent entrance area to the streets, to install a sophisticated light decoration and to be available for your questions and needs with a professional team of organisators at the location.
Should you have acquaintances with interesting, creative products, we would be pleased by their registration.

We hope that this year will be a great success as the past and are looking forward to your participation.

Spittelberggasse 20/1 • 1070 Vienna
T +43-699-124 88 593

M forum[at]

Project Management

Michael Schmid
Christmas Market at Spittelberg

C +43-699-124 88 593