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Christmas Market 2010

Impressions from the current Christmas Market 2010. Enjoy the setting full of colourful atmosphere, stimulating conversation and prospering business - by viewing this fotos or till the 23rd of December by visiting the Christmas Market at Spittelberg by yourself! We are looking forward to welcome you!

Play & Fun at the Spittelberg

Who does not like to meet Santa Claus, or to get sweets, or to craft his own lucky charm or to be carried away by the pre-christmas tunes? Be inspired by the entertainment at the Spittelberg!
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Stall operators and their craftwork

Be inspired by the different goods our stall operaters offer, their arts, their crafts and their delicacy. Let the Christmas Market seduce you ...
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Moods & Spirit at the Christmas Market

Enjoy the mood at the Christmas Market and be enchanted by its surrounding ...
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